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Product Name: Sunshine-blaster
Part Number: SSBLASTER
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The Sunshine-blaster, a USB download cable, is a 100%-compatible drop-in replacement for Altera USB-Blaster programming cable (specifically: USB-Blaster, rev C, the most current version).
The Sunshine-blaster download cable interfaces to a standard USB PC port.
Because design changes are downloaded directly from the PC to the device, prototyping is easy and multiple design iterations can be accomplished in quick succession.

Device Support:
The Sunshine-blaster download cable allows to program and configure Altera devices.
Specifically, it allows to do the following:

  • Download configuration data to FPGA devices:
    • Stratix II, Stratix GX, and Stratix family of devices
    • Cyclone II and Cyclone family of devices
    • APEX II and APEX 20K family of devices
    • ACEX 1K devices
    • Mercury devices
    • FLEX 10K, FLEX 10KE, FLEX 10KA, FLEX 8000 and FLEX 6000 family of devices
    • Excalibur devices
  • Download configuration data to User Flash Memory (UFM) devices:
    • MAX II family of devices
  • Download configuration data to EEPROM-based devices:
    • MAX 9000, MAX 7000S, MAX 3000A, MAX 7000B and MAX 7000A
  • Perform in-system programming of advanced configuration devices:
    • EPC2, EPC4, EPC8, EPC16, and EPC1441 devices
  • Perform in-system programming of serial configuration devices:
    • EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, and EPCS64 devices
  • Communicate with and perform in-system debugging:
    • Nios II soft core processor

The Sunshine-blaster download cable supports target systems using 5.0 V TTL, 3.3 V LVTTL/LVCMOS, and single-ended I/O standards from 1.5 V to 3.3 V.
The Sunshine-blaster is powered directly from the host USB port and the target system without the need for additional external power supply.

Software Requirements:
Because the Sunshine-blaster is a 100%-compatible drop-in replacement for Altera USB-Blaster programming cable, any of the following software packages supporting USB-Blaster also recognize Sunshine-blaster:

  • Quartus II software version 4.0 or later (for development, device programming, and configuration)
  • Quartus II Programmer (standalone version for programming and configuration)
  • Quartus II SignalTap II Logic Analyzer (standalone version for logic analysis)
NOTE: There is no need to install any drivers other than those provided with the software packages for the USB-Blaster.

Advantages over parallel port programming cables:

  • Any computer with usb port can use Sunshine-blaster. Many of the new portable (and even some desktop) PCs are no longer equiped with parallel ports, preventing the use of parallel port programming cables.
  • Multiple Sunshine-blaster units can be connected to single PC (limited only by number of available USB ports) with multiple instances of Quartus II Programmer software open and each Sunshine-blaster selected in a separate instance. The selected programming file in each instance can be the same in all or different in each. This way several programming jobs can be run independently of each other from the same PC (no need to wait until one job finishes download) allowing faster development iterations or a programming solution for small-scale production runs.
  • The speed of downloading FPGA configuration is about 6 times faster than that of the ByteblasterII or compatible parallel port programmers, making a considerable difference in the times required for downloading configurations to the target devices, especially downloads of numerous development iterations in quick succession.
  • SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer can be used for real-time analysis in faster high speed applications. Situations, where ByteblasterII with SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer and Nios II processor are pushed to the limit, and data exchange becomes too fast, causing the PC to become irresponsive, can be effectively avoided with the use of the Sunshine-blaster.

Target Board Connectivity:

  • The Sunshine-blaster is supplied with a 8-in (20-cm) detachable 10-lead board-connector cable. The cable is equiped with a standard 10-pin keyed female socket connector at each end providing an easy way to detach and replace the supplied cable with custom board-connector cables for applications requiring specific board connectors.
Sunshine-blaster Specifications:
Sunshine-blaster device:
keyed 10-pin male shrouded header connector
standard device-side USB socket
target-board cable:
10-lead pin-to-pin flat ribbon cable with female keyed header connectors at each end, length: 8 in. (20 cm)
USB port cable:
USB cable with standard USB plugs, length: 55 in. (140 cm)
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